Factors that can play a role in sustaining growth while optimal use of energy - Efficiency

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(3) Efficiency

Optimizing energy use in industry is essential to improve industrial competitiveness and achieve wider societal goals such as energy security, economic recovery and development, climate change mitigation and environmental protection. While there is significant potential to decrease energy consumption in this sector, opportunities to improve energy efficiency are still under-exploited. Energy management programs have shown to be instrumental in addressing many of the barriers that inhibit wide-scale uptake of energy management in industry. The Policy Pathway builds on lessons learned from country experiences and provides actionable guidance on how to plan and design, implement, evaluate and monitor energy management programs for industry.

The globally accepted energy efficiency norms have helped reduction in the energy required for key household appliances, industry equipments, etc.

Smart energy management solution including sensors for capturing data in real time and actioning helped in reducing wastage in real time by using real time decisioning. There are many efficient management solution used for facility management, energy transportation and grid management in the industry. With the increased accessibility to the communication network, implementation of these solutions has become realistic for even households which have resulted into the great savings. These solutions have helped into not only reduction in the wastage but also helped in increasing the availability and lesser downtime while using the available resources optimally.

The smart fleet management for logistic, air line business has also helped deliver more per liter of fuel.

As large scale / mass implementation of such technologies have not happened, there is a huge potential.



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